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Familiarity and workflow

Blender is a 3D design software with a built-in video editor and a powerful compositor, among other relatively hidden gems. The advantage of these tools in a 3D design app might not be obvious to some but it saves from having to learn workflows of multiple apps. Once a user is comfortable with Blender's basic workflow and key commands, it's much easier to learn other parts of the software. Rather than exporting rendered videos to edit in another software, they can use the workflow they're already familiar with to edit within Blender.

To be forthright, Blender has a steep learning curve. It takes time to get acquainted with it. The reward being increased productivity through familiarity with an intuitive and fast workflow. Once that time is taken, the same workflow can be applied to other aspects of design like video editing and compositing.

What we want is a workflow that's far easier to learn than Blender's. Notepad for Windows provides our base experience. Anyone can learn it in moments. We'll want to add layers of complexity over it while keeping that base experience intact. Once a user masters that complexity, they'll be able to use it for any creative task since our editor will be an encompassing one capable of audio and video manipulation. A true editor, not just a text editor. An editor that can edit anything. One that maximizes productivity by leveraging the same familiar workflow across various paradigms.


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